Круизы по Байкалу

Иркутск: +7 (3952) 70-70-12

Cruises over Baikal – an ideal choice for carrying out of romantic holiday together, cheerful target friends in the company, long-awaited rest by all family. Any action can be imagined on a small walking boat, the high-speed yacht, slow, but the capacious steam-ship.

Special popularity the diversified cruises – the national teams passing on a certain route and including visiting of the most popular places on Baikal and individual – by request recently began to use. Both those and others can be as short, for two-three days, and long – for some weeks.

In what of advantage of cruises before other kinds of rest on Baikal?

First, of course, rest – after all you have arrived to Baikal to take pleasure in beauty of kinds, fresh air to see something new – all it probably during cruise. The kinds accessible from the ship, it is impossible to compare to one excursion to a land, and not always the most beautiful and unique places are accessible from coast, and some – only from water.

Secondly – the ship is and quite comfortable arranged well placing, both the kitchen, and a hall for rest, say, everything, than the decent base of rest ashore has.

You can collect the company with the general interests and go to fascinating travel in which there will be all – new, surprisingly beautiful landscapes, fishing or shish kebabs on coast, warm evenings behind a table d'hote where it is possible to brag of photos of reserved places – such rest – unique possibility to receive unforgettable impressions and the sea of positive emotions.